The Cisco® IP Phone 7800 Series is a cost-effective, high-fidelity voice communications portfolio designed to improve your organization’s people-centric communications, while reducing your operating costs.It combines an attractive new ergonomic design with “always-on” reliability and secure encrypted communications. The Cisco® IP Phone 7800 Series delivers advanced IP Telephony features and crystal clear wideband audio performance to deliver an easy-to-use, full-featured voice communications experience.

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The Cisco IP Phone 7811-3PCC with 1 Line has been upgraded to support Third Party Call control. The Cisco 7811 offers simple, secure and cost-effective VoIP Communications for small to large businesses. This is an ideal communication end point for lobbies, cafeterias and conference centers where there is a need for occasional-to-light communication needs.

Cisco IP Phone 7811 key features:
Exceptional User Experience

High-resolution, graphical grayscale display for easier viewing
Dedicated fixed keys** for increased efficiency
A built-in speakerphone for hands-free communications
Wideband for enhanced audio, supported with an optional wideband handset


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